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Squint in children

An eye which has amblyopia can be called an amblyopic eye or a “lazy” eye. Achild with a squint can develop amblyopia in the eye which has the turn, because the vision in this eye is not being used by the brain. Some children may have amblyopia, but they may not have a squint.


What causes squint ?

squint is usually caused by the muscles in each eye not working together in a balanced way. Often squints are caused by long-sightedness. Rare causes can include a cataract in one eye or problems with the back of the eye (the retina).Squints are quite common in premature babies or babies who have low birth weight.

Can squint be corrected ?

Any residual squint that may not be corrected by spectacle can be corrected by surgery. Few eye diseases like: Amblyopia / Lazy Eye– This is treated by Patching/Occluding the good eye. … Surgery: – Sometimes this is the only choice to straighten the eye.

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